Our Programs 

Educational Programs 

College Now and Career Network is designed to inspire students to dream big and reach their full potential. We 

have created a variety of camps and programs where students receive age-appropriate guidance from industry 

experts, take online college courses, and attend high school summer college. Students also receive programming

on personal finance and job skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of unparalleled success.




Consulting Services 

Private School



Our admissions counselors have over  50 years of experience helping parents find the right K-12 and Post Graduate school.  


We will help you find the right school for your child.      


With over 100 years of combined

experience, our athletic recruiting team help student-athletes find the right schools for them. 

Let us assist with your recruiting! 


Our college counselors have over 50  years of experience helping students enroll in the college of their dreams. 


You dream it, we will help you achieve it!   

College Admissions 



Enroll in our Jobs Program

We will help you prepare for your

job interview and create your resume. Learn valueable soft skills and what it takes to land your first job. 


Learn how money works and what it takes to become a responsible adult.  We teach students everything about money from savings, balancing a check book to investing is covered.  

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If your interested in launching your own business and being your own boss  our Entreprenuership program will help you take your vision from conception to launching your first business. 

Do you want to learn how money works, how to secure a good-paying job or launch your own business?   


Enroll in Money Camp program today! 


Do you like Social Media?


Earn a career certificate in Social Media from Northwestern University 


We provide the classroom space, instructors, and guest speakers for each weekly session.


Our partner Coursera provides our online technology platform. 


Northwestern University provides the Professors


Let us teach you how to land your first job and start your career.