Scholarships & Grants
We realize that cost is an essential factor for our students when choosing the right college to continue their education - that's why we offer highly competitive scholarships for students with extraordinary leadership potential.

​Diversity is the Key to Solving our Country's Biggest Problems

College Now & Career Network identifies, recruits, and trains individuals with the potential to make an impact in the world.  Scholars receive full-tuition leadership scholarships from private donations and community partners.  


Scholarships, Amounts, and the Number of Students given the award in 2022: 

NAME                                           #Given  Award$

Jackie Robinson Scholarship   25      $10,000               

Sojourner Truth Scholarship    10      $15,000             

Marcus Garvey Scholarship       4       50% of Tuition   

Ruby Bridges Scholarship          2       75% of Tuition     

Susan Moore Scholarship          1       Full Tuition           

CN2 Education taught me that where I grew up did not

determine where I would end up.”















Do you have a 12th Grade Student you Want to Nominate for a Scholarship? 


How do I become a nominator: 

  • If you are a High School Principal, a Community-Based Organization, or a Dignitary located in any of College Now & Career Network's recruitment cities, you may be eligible to nominate students for the CN2 Education Scholarship.

  • If you meet the qualifications to become a nominator and are not a part of our nominating network, you can contact our program office to register to become one.


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